Drinking Water Fall Under - 3 Categories

Drinking Water Fall Under - 3 Categories



Contains No Minerals, low TDS reading

Used In Emergency Situatioins, Contaminated Water Sources, Lab Tests

Water is generally acidic due to Carbonic Acid forming

RO Water, Distilled Water Fall Under This Category

Long term consumption detrimental to health(source)


Obtained From Natural source

Heavily Dependant on Source Water


Has to be bottled

No health benefits


Filtered from tap water

Water quality varies depending on area

Cost effective to manufacture

Majority of home filtration falls under this category

Alkalife Water


Filtered and Ionized from Tap Water to comply with WHO recommended drinking water standards

High pH (Alkaline) to neutralise acidic waste from diet and lifestyle

Rich in Antioxidants to aid immune system and promote cell rejuvenation

Better hydration and absorption due to small cluster size of water

Most affordable running cost