Undersink Water Ionizers - The Royale

Undersink Water Ionizers - The Royale

While most other undercounter water ionizers in the market look out of places in your luxury house / condo, the Royale guarantees to fit into your kitchen like a flove. Constructed using only the best stainless steel materials available for sturdiness and quality, the royale undercounter water ionizer defines luxury wherever you are staying.


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10.1 Year Warranty

The longest and most comprehensive coverage in the market today

Full Touch Screen

The first undercounter ionizer to incorporate full touch screen feature

9 Titanium / Platinum Plates

The Royale uses 9 titanium / platinum plates for no compromises on its performace

Technical Specifications:
9 Titanium / Platinum Plates
Patented Chanson SMPS Power System
3.5 Inch Touch Surface Screen
Personalized and Programmable pH & ORP settings
4 Levels of Alkalinity, 4 Levels of Acidity, 1 Level Pure
pH Range: ph3 – ph11
ORP Range: -700 (+/- 100mv)
Chanson AutoClean Feature

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